About Us


With the help of some great friends I've made over the past 18 months, I started Quicker Racing Components to create great quality racing components for the VAG platforms I love, at prices affordable to the 2nd & 3rd generations of vehicle owners.

I promise that when our website says a product is in stock, it will ship within 1 business day of payment. I promise that when you have questions, you won't get a response from someone annoyed to hear from you. I promise that if you don't leave a 5-star rating, I'm coming for you. (JK 😄 ) But, you can bet I'm going to want to know why and learn how I can improve for the future.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to earning your business!



Nick Valentino, Jesus, Henry, Brian, Marco, Chuy & David
Founders of Quicker Racing Components